Game On! 2K Sports Announces NBA 2K17 Drops On 9/16

For all the 2K warriors out there, word on the street is a new game is coming. With a special thanks to the NBA 2K gawds, a new version of the famed basketball game is coming soon. 2K Sports announced that NBA 2K17 is scheduled to release in a few weeks. The official release date is September 16, which is much earlier than recent releases. The game comes with there different versions, the Standard, the Limited, and  the Limited Edition Gold.

nba-2k17-coverThe new NBA 2K17 gets two special covers. The standard edition version of the game features Indiana Pacers’ Paul George on the cover. The Limited Edition and Limited Edition Gold cover features recent NBA retiree Kobe Bryant. There are some additional perks to the Limited Edition versions like Kobe Bryant posters, trading cards, and limited edition Black Mamba controller skins. There is also the option to purchase a digital-only version. This is the second earliest release of a 2K video game series, the last one being NBA ShootOut 2002, on September 1, 2001. Pre-orders for the Standard, Limited, and Limited Edition Gold versions of the game are now being accepted on Amazon Prime.

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