STARZ Is Working On Power Season Four | #FreeGhost

That Power withdrawal is real. It feels like Season Three just started and it’s over already. The thought of waiting until the Summer of 2017 for Season Four to kick off feels like an eternity. Even though the new season isn’t set for quite some time, there is some good news to report. The STARZ production team is hard at work in the streets of New York City and at Brooklyn’s Steiner Studios filming Season Four.


Power is a STARZ Original Series that with over 7 million viewers to date.

Season Four is packed with 10 hour-long episodes. The cast and crew are officially on the clock making the storyline pop for next season. We can’t tell you much but we do have some Episode 1 info. We know that Ghost starts the season locked up. At the end of Season Three, he was at the jail being processed.  Tasha was getting hostage images from Tarik’s phone and Angela was acting like a woman scorned. It’s so hard to predict what the Power Writers are going to come with next but we know they won’t disappoint.

Check back for updates on what’s happening on the set. If you need to refresh your Power memory, visit Power on STARZ to recap the first three seasons.

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