Denim and Timbs For Fall…So Necessary

50055-autumn-leaf-menu-1When it comes to all things trending and buzzworthy, social media has perfect timing. There was an important conversation happening about Timbs and people who live in New York City. It seems that the famed outdoor boot is a staple in the footwear collections of native New Yorkers. As it would be, Timberland announced the release of a Limited Edition exclusive collection.

The Autumn Leaf Collection will be available at select locations and online.

When news of the exclusive release dropped, people went nuts! The Autumn Leaf collection is a trio50055-autumn-leaf-menu-2 of classic six-inch Timberland boots. The boots come in a selection of colors inspired by the season’s changing leaves. The Dark Rust, Red Suede, and Olive Suede colors are the perfect pop to any fit this fall/winter season. These colors are complimented by the icy, translucent soles. Timbs pair nicely with denim and these make the combination even fresher. 50055-autumn-leaf-menu-3

The Autumn Leaf collection won’t be around for long so you might want to get them ASAP.

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