Flava In Ya Ear | R4L’s Top 8 Podcasts On Rotation

As technology continues to take things to the next level, we get introduced to new things all the time. Podcasts have been the wave for quite some time and they are more popular than ever. What started out as a cool way to curate and share spoken word has become a trending way to do a variety of things. Whether it’s a discussion about the upcoming election or an audio conversation with your favorite celebrity, podcasts bring it straight to your ears.

There are several different topics and subjects to choose from. It’s hard to narrow down which ones to ditch and which ones to follow. If you’re new to the podcasting game then we’ve got something for you. We’ve had our ear to the streets and we handpicked the Top 8 Podcasts you should be listening to. We stay tuned in to stay on top of what’s up. Each one of these podcasts has something for every body. These podcasts can be accessed on Soundcloud, iTunes, and even CBS. You can subscribe to the drops on whichever platform you prefer. They are everything you need to hear to get your life. We gave you a sample of each below.

1. The Combat Jack Show

2. Tax Season

3. The Premium Pete Show w/ MissLissaKnows

4. Juan Epstein with Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds

5. Rap Radar

6. Improper Etiquette

7. Feed the Meter

8. Lip Service w/ Angela Yee

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