MC Trebek! Hip Hop Lyrics We Loved on Jeopardy

If you were watching Jeopardy yesterday, you were probably one of the thousands of people who lost their minds. Host Alex Trebek spat some “Jumpman” lyrics as a clue and you would have thought he walked on water. The clue was a couple of bars from Drake & Future’s “Jumpman”. Once he said it, Twitter erupted into a frenzy and the video clips circulated worldwide.

But wait…that’s not the first time Alex spat some bars.

In order to keep Jeopardy rounded and grounded, they have to throw some Hip Hop Culture in it. The clues have got back as far as Sugar Hill Gang and hit artists from all over. Snoop, Eminem, Fetty Wap, and even MC Hammer are just a few of the rappers who have been featured on the famed game show. The best part about it all is that whomever the contestant is, they almost always get the question right.

Check out some of our favorite Jeopardy lyrics below. Try and guess the answer and leave it in the comments below.






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