Get Bodied | Teyana Taylor Announces Fade 2 Fit Workout

It was clear when Teyana Taylor posted her “snapback” after-birth post, she was on to something. Her fitness skill and ability to stay fit is amazing. She showcased her body skills even further in Kanye’s video for Fade. She left a lot of us with the “O” mouth as we watched her work. With that being said, she finally announced her plans for her Fade 2 Fit workout situation.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-29-11-pmFade 2 Fit is going to be one of the newest waves of fitness and dance. Teyana promises to deliver workout videos to show us all how to get her amazing body…or at least make the attempt. Fab 2 Fit will also include a dance workout tour, so that you can get it in with her one time. The website is offering up a sign up for updates and more information about how to order should drop soon. For now, head over to her Instagram to see an example of what she’ll be serving up for the snapback.

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