What’s In Your Halloween Bag? | Top 5 Worst Tricks and Treats

The best part about Halloween is the tricking and treating. No matter how old, dressing up and snagging free candy is a win all around. There’s only one problem, tricking and treating isn’t like it used to be. People are gathering whatever they can find to put in bags. Some of the items are just the worst.

We thought about it and put together this list of some of the worst treats you can find in your trick bag. From pennies to leftover black jellybeans from Easter, people will find whatever and throw it in the bag. There should be a rule book to treating so that these things don’t happen but for now, all we can do is be on alert.

Pennies – Unless it’s 100 at a time, this is a pointless treat.


Black Licorice – It takes a special person to appreciate the flavor of black licorice anything. UGH


Candy Wafers – Chalk circles should not be considered a candy treat.


Starlight Mints – Swiped straight off of grandma’a coffee table.


Candy Corn – What exactly is candy corn anyway?

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