Monologue Madness: Dave Chappelle Delivers on SNL

Last night was one of the best nights on television in a while. Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. After a grueling week with elections and protests, he came all the way through on the SNL stages.

It started with a gangsta monologue that was everything but subtle. He addressed majority of the issues at hand but made us laugh about it. Not because they are funny, but because he’s Chappelle and he can do that. He talked about the election, the President elect, his experience at the White House, and his desire to give Mr. Trump a chance at his new job. Even after the monologue, he kept on winning. His Walking Dead skit with his own characters…priceless. He, Tyrone Biggums, and friends may have outdone the SNL character lineup with that. Watching him in action last night made it clear that we need to see more of him on TV. Press play on the clip above to check the monologue and let us know what you think.

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