Stick With Art: The Most Famous Artist Creates Kanye Sticker Portrait

Ever wonder what you can do with some USPS priority stickers and a black marker? Aside from mailing a package, you can create a work of art. The Most Famous Artist recently put these items to work. He is notorious for creating some dope pieces. He has an extensive Kanye West art collection that he created himself. Creating a portrait seemed like a snap once he grabbed some mailing stickers and a black marker.

He shaded and colored a variety of priority stickers. Once he colored all the necessary stickers, he stuck them onto a giant piece of paper. The colored stickers were carefully arranged  and the end result was a giant Kanye portrait. It’s pretty amazing how all of the shadings and drawings on the stickers line up to create the giant image. Check out the video above and watch how he makes it happen. Follow him on Instagram to see more of his work.

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