Frog In Your Throat? Watch David Blaine Stun Drake, Dave Chappelle and Steph Curry

Magic tricks are definitely something special. David Blaine is always doing some kind of crazy stunt or trick. The magic man returned to TV with a few crazy tricks and some of the hottest celebs. His new show, David Blaine: Beyond Magic debuted on ABC last night and it was kind of crazy.

Blaine decided to summon Drake, Dave Chappelle, and Steph Curry to partake in some trickery at a party. The Magic Man asked Dave Chappelle to draw something that was small enough to fit into Drake’s hand. After a brief Meek Mill reference, Chappelle drew a frog. Well… once that was established, Blaine started magically making frogs appear. He didn’t pull them out of his pocket either. He pulled them from depths of his gut and spat them into a glass of water. Mind you, there was nothing in his mouth beforehand as he was carrying on plenty of conversation.

Drake, Chappelle, and Curry freaked all the way out as they watched this happen. Don’t believe us? Click the clip below and watch for yourself.

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