Cakies | Get Some Tweaked Out Twinkies by Jae NYC Eats

It’s the holidays! There will be all kinds of delicious food and drinks on deck. Aside from plates towering over with some traditional favorites, desserts are a very big deal. We stumbled across these tweaked out Twinkies that will make you flip the script.


We all know about Twinkies. Twinkies are the addictive creme filled cake snacks by Hostess. A pastry chef named Janice de Castro has figured out a way to make them more appealing. Jae NYC Eats creates a variation of the creamed filled treats called “Cakies” in a myriad of flavors. Word on the street is… she got a Twinkie mold as a gift and made it pop after that. These artisanal twinkle-inspired cakes are served up with chocolate and a Matcha Cream filling, maple bacon rum, bananas foster with salted caramel, and even Grand Marnier.


Joe NYC Eats treats can be most likely found at food market pop-ups and served in restaurants around the five boroughs. There isn’t a “Cakies” store but these sweets can also be delivered to your doorstop with just the click of a button. Since their website is under construction, folks can check them on IG and contact them for further info.

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