Reality Bites | The MTA Is Goin’ Up … (and it’s not on a Tuesday)

The countdown to the New Year has begun. There are about 40 days left until the new year and changes are already being announced. For New Yorkers, the MTA is a part of life. The commute to work is always an adventure when it comes to riding the subway. The fare has been $2.75 for quite some time.

The MTA announced that it plans on increasing the fare the fare to $3! Yep, that’s right… Three bucks!

For those of us who rely on the subway, we know how unreliable it is. There are several bus and train lines that never deliver and are constantly crowded. Being late becomes a regular part of the morning sometimes. Riders are concerned about getting pushed onto the tracks… more than the possibility of a terrorist attack. The L train service is crap and will be shut down soon. The rat population is increasing and the efforts to keep the stations clean seem to be a task. Some bus lines are extremely challenging with sporadic bus service, despite a carefully planned schedule.

What are we getting for this fare increase?

If it’s any consolation, the WiFi system on the subway continues to improve. So now when you’re stuck in a tunnel, you can call/text/email your job and let them know. The Second Avenue Subway project should be finished soon and the 7 train extension should make things better for that side of town. There is also a $71 million proposal to improve bus and train service.

Let’s hope that with this extra quarter, the MTA can make the necessary adjustments we need. At the end of the day, we won’t be able to afford the increase if we get fired because the MTA can’t get us to work on time. Let’s hope this will bring some improvements and won’t happen again for another few years.

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