It’s Winter! Get Into The Sun At The Sand Club | St. Bart’s

It’s November and the cold weather is creeping in. A massive snowstorm kicked up this weekend,
Sibarth Villa Rentals Photoscausing some of us to reminisce about the summer sun. Once the cold hits, finding a dope place to warm up is key. Our suggestion is to grab the squad and head to the caribbean. The Sand Club, is one of St. Bart’s amazing villa properties by the sea. This premium villa property was built by one of St. Bart’s top architects. The house is equipped with all the necessary accessories… flat screen TV, satellite dish, safe box, DVD player… to make this the perfect vacation getaway.

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The property sits perched on the edge of Flamands Beach, overlooking the coast line. This location allows for picturesque views of the sand and sea. The 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom house has everything to make this vacation a great one. Each bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom for privacy. Each room has wood French Doors that let the ocean breeze come through on a daily. The bright white walls are complemented by touches of blue and dark wood accents throughout. The entire house is outfitted in the trendiest decor with all the trimmings.

The impressive alfresco dining area allows for a variety of outdoor activities. If the ocean is not your
Sibarth Villa Rentals Photosthing, the heated freshwater pool is a great alternative. There are a large selection of luxe hotels, shops, and restaurants nearby for off-site shenanigans. Check out the gallery above and visit here to make your plans to get up and outta the cold.

Photo Cred: Luxury Retreat

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