Get With The Times | Celebrate The Holiday With A Hipster Nativity Scene

Times continue to change and things must change with the times. The Hipsters are taking over a neighborhood near you (as we speak) and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. With that being said, the Hipsters are coming for Christmas. This Hipster Nativity scene is everything you need to spruce up your living space for the holiday. This upgraded version of the famed religious visual includes everything from man-buns to tablets.


This Nativity scene is a direct reflection of some areas in NYC, especially in Brooklyn. Mary and Joseph are spotted talking a selfie with their baby while sipping on a latte. Joseph is properly coiffed in a man-bun for the occasion. The Three wise men are spotted on handlebar sagely electric scooters with special packages from Amazon. They are all wearing shades and slim-fit pants. The grass-fed, gluten free feed cow is perfect for the scene as his behind is stamped for approval. The guy with the tablet… What’s a nativity scene without an iPad?

If your holiday spirit is Hipster-inspired, you need to get one. This is the perfect decorative accent for your new apartment in Williamsburg.


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