The President Elect Can Mass Text Us Beginning January 20th

All of this election and President Elect stuff still seems unreal. As we get ready to watch President Obama leave the White House, the new President Elect is setting up shop. He is hard at work putting a lot of people and systems in place that are definitely to be desired. Rumor has it that he will be able to mass text the people of the United States beginning January 20th.

Wait… What? How did he get my number?

The President Elect seems to be pretty handy with social media and smartphones, as we’ve learned from his Twitter tirades. He is going to continue his Tweeting and possibly add mass text messages to the mix. According to NY Mag, Mr. President Elect will be given access to the Wireless Emergency Alert system that notifies people of Floods, Amber Alerts, and Bad Weather. He will be allowed to issue messages via this system. Alerts issued by the President cannot be blocked so muting their existence is not an option. We all know how inappropriate and annoying that Alert is. Seems fitting for this particular occasion. Hopefully, there will be some screening and discretionary measures put in place before such messages invade our cellular space. If not, we are in for four years of that annoying noise, probably at least once a day.



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