Brooklyn, You Ready? Burgrito’s is Coming For You!

burgrito-brooklyn2When it comes to food, people are always doing creative and innovative things with it. Ideas are endless when it comes to creating new dishes. If it’s cool and trendy, folks will love it. The cool kids over at Burgrito’s came up with a genius idea. They decided to mesh the concept of burgers and burritos together to create the Burgrito. It’s been a thing in Long Island for quite some time and guess what… It’s coming to BK!

That’s right folks, Burgrito’s is scheduled to open a location at 173 4th Avenue in Park Slope early next year. The “Burgrito” is what happens when you mesh a burger and a burrito together. You get the best of both worlds in one sitting. The burger is wrapped in a tortilla with lettuce, tomatoes, and fries. Bacon, cheese, and chipotle sauce are just some a few of the options to add as well. The menu is pretty dope as it includes tacos, burgers on brioche, burrito bowls, and a bevy of vegetarian & vegan options.

We are excited to try a Burgrito and you should be too. Look for the new store to open January 2017.


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