5 Reasons We Love Keke Palmer

unnamed-6Keke Palmer has been on the radar since she was a thirteen years old. Since we first witnessed her talent on Akeelah and the Bee, Keke has been on her grind ever since. At 23, she is still doing big things and building her career with precision. She is currently playing Zayday Williamson Scream Queens and even had time to release a five-track visual EP titled Lauren. Needless to say, she is doing the damn thing and can’t anybody stop her.

She was recently featured in elle.com’s New Class along with Ariel Winter, Jordyn Woods, and Skai Jackson. During her interview, she talked about everything from haters to Will Smith to life in the business. You can check out the full interview here. Scroll down to check out some of the shots from the shoot and the five reasons why we love her.

Respect the Shooter: Olivia Bee


  1. She has a very grounded outlook on life with the new President. Keke on Donald Trump: “I feel that we have a responsibility to show him the truth,” she says. “It’s up to us to come together on our individual, cultural oppression and make our voices heard because if we do not, we will be doing not only a disservice to ourselves but also to ‘our president.” unnamed-7
  2. She refuses to “Turn Down”, even though fans tell her she is just supposed to be a singer and that she’s doing too much. She is committed to not staying in her lane and creating her own space.
  3. Keke on Will Smith: “When he first became an actor, it was like, ‘Who’s this rapper?’ You thought his career was over, but he decided he wanted to be an actor. You watch enough goddamn Fresh Prince episodes, [and] you’re like, ‘This dude is an actor,’ because he is.”
  4. She uses Snapchat to show the true Keke Palmer. Her Snap, Keekthasneak, is dope and she uses it as her own personal vent space. Snapchat is her platform of choice because she can say what she wants sans the viewer talkback. People will watch it if they want to and she doesn’t have to worry about the “haters”.
  5. She is committed to doing what she loves regardless of what people think.


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