Issa Rae Gets The Golden Globe Nod for Being “Insecure”

This is the one time that being #Insecure pays off. The HBO Breakout series hit the ground running and had people talking since Episode 1. If you know Issa Rae, then you know that she’s been poppin’ since her Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl days. So, seeing Insecure flourish isn’t really a surprise. Aside from getting a nod for Season 2, it was announced earlier today that Issa Rae got the Golden Globe nom for Best Actress In A Comedy Series.


Insecure is a totally relatable 30 minutes of life on HBO. The series hits on a variety of issues that Black women deal with on a daily. The characters give insight to what it looks like on both sides of the situation so it is cool to watch play out. Issa Rae is what some might call a “YouTube Sensation” who was able to actually turn her project into a full-blown series for a major cable network. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you have plenty of time to get into Season 1. We are patiently waiting for Lawrence, Issa, and Molly to continue life in Season 2. Watch the full season here and press play above to get started on Season 1.

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