Five Reasons To Ride The Polar Express This Holiday Season

The Holidays are a magical time during the year. Aside from the festive decorations and holiday treats, there are a lot of messages being pushed this time of year. Being thankful and helping others are some of the most popular. Encouraging people to “Believe” is another. The story of Santa Claus is something that people have believed in for years. Believing in the story helps keep the spirit of the holiday alive. The Polar Express hit the holiday movie roster in November 2004. Tom hanks hit the mark with this one as it encourages all who watch it to “Believe”.

The Polar Express is an imaginary train full of non-believers that is headed to the North Pole. Along the way come various messages of believing in one-self and things like angels and ghost. The train takes a dope ride through the woods and some frozen waterways tog et to their destination. Along the way there are some epic scenes that will make anyone want to catch this train. Take a look at our favorites below and make The Polar Express part of your holiday movie rotation. The Polar Express is available on iTunes and in select theaters for the Holidays in 3D.

When the train has to get back on track… Epic ride.

The hot chocolate dance sequence was clutch… nobody spilled anything.

Imagine a train pulling up to the block like…

The moment you start believing in the magic…

When you finally meet the big homie..

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