Reality Bites: Is It Real? The Year of the Fake News Stories

It’s safe to say that fake news stories have been around for quite some time. People have been misreporting news and happenings for years. Thanks to the Internet, news travels like wildfire. In some instances it’s great to receive information as it’s happening. On the other hand, it can be a straight up disaster. 2016 should be considered the year that Fake News took over the Internet.

There were so many fake news stories reported this year. Not only were they reported but people were reading them, believing them, and sharing them. The craziest part is that reputable news outlets were citing and reporting these very same fake stories. There used to be a journalistic process that set blogs and news outlets apart. Now it seems like the rush to be the first to report the news is making the process null and void.

Facebook is the home of sharing fake news stories. People read the title or the tag line and immediately press that “Share” button. From giant squid invading the California coast to stories of celebrity deaths, the fake news was intense. During the election, fake news stories were at their peak. Because people were so thirsty for election news, the stories were easy to latch on. Regardless of how ridiculous they seemed, people professed them to be absolutely true. As we speak, there is controversy surrounding the validity of a story about a child fulfilling his dying wish to expire in Santa’s arms. First of all, this story did tug at my heart strings. But after reading it in its entirety, I had some questions.

Denzel Washington recently went on a red carpet rant and hit the nail on the nose in the process. He made mention that there is no validity to news stories anymore. People are rushing to be first and that they don’t care about the facts. He blamed the news for not taking more responsibility in these areas and he is absolutely right. Let’s hope we can get a handle on getting the news as it should be, instead of falsely reporting it as it happens.

Press play below to hear him go in on the red carpet via WP.

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