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Chocolate is the remedy for just about anything. Bad day… chocolate.  Stressed out… chocolate. There are so many ways to eat chocolate it’s insane. In honor of National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, we searched for some interesting treats. To celebrate the day in true fashion, grabbing something chocolate covered and interesting is the way to go. Of course there are the obvious chocolate covered things like strawberries, nuts, and pretzels. There are other chocolate covered options to be had.

dsc00258We searched for some of the weirdest chocolate covered foods around. These things aren’t just for show. Somewhere, someone is eating these things in abundance. We found that Chocolate Covered Pickles are a popular snack. These salty sweet treats can be found at fairs and specialty shops. The salty flavor of the pickle meshes perfectly with the chocolate. If spicy is your thing, Chocolate Covered Jalapeños are a great option. The spicy kick of the jalapeño is off-set by the sweet chocolate coating. Golden Edibles ships these babies nationwide, as far as Alaska and Puerto Rico. If bugs are your thing, Chocolate Covered Crickets are pretty popular. Rumor has it that crickets are high in protein so this is actually a healthy snack option.

If pickles, crickets, and jalapeños are too much for your palate, you can always go for the basic. Chocolate covered strawberries have been a popular chocolatey snack for a while. The crunchy chocolate shell accents the sweet, strawberry underneath. Whatever your preference, today is the perfect day to get your chocolate covered groove on. See what options are available in your area and celebrate the day.

Photo Credit: Front Page Reviews, Fluker Farms, Golden Edibles

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