What’s the Word? The Top 5 Look-Ups For 2016

As the year comes to a close, there are all kinds of “Lists” and “Tops” for 2016 floating around. From songs to movies to cocktails, telling the story of the best (and worst) for the year has become the norm. A really interesting compilation was done by Merriam Webster. The word giant put together a list of the most looked-up words for 2016.

The most interesting part about this list is that there was a pattern. People were looking up words during tragic happenings in the world. “Surreal” was the most popular word for the year and that is the perfect way to sum up the Shenanigans of 2016. The Election and various Terror Attacks caused an increase in people’s need to know the definition of the word, probably so they could use it to describe what was happening. It was also used in a lot of speeches and articles over the course of the year.

There were other words like bigly, revenant, irregardless (nonstandard but usable), deplorable, and In Omnia Paratus rang in on the Merriam Webster list. Check out the definitions of the words and check here for the complete list.

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