Pretty In Pink! Pineapples Get A Color Pop

czuj5aqwqaesse0-jpg-largeWe all know fruit by their respective colors. Red strawberries, yellow lemons, and orange oranges. It is a rare occasion that a fruit takes on a color other than its original. Sometimes it happens when they are going in and out season. Rumor has it that Del Monte brand decided to take fruit color matters into their own hands. They recently genetically modified the color of pineapples and changed it from yellow to pink. The FDA gave the pink pineapples the green light for consumption.

There are a special group of scientists who have a knack for changing the color of fruit. They go in and alter the genetics to make the color change. These new GMO pink pineapples would be great for decoration and are totally safe to eat… allegedly. These would look great atop a pineapple upside down cake. Pineapple garnish on cocktails would be a good look and they would elevate shish-kebobs to the next level.

There is no exact time or date for their release but look for them to appear in your fruit section some time soon.

Photo Credit Cole Saladino/Thrillist and Twitter

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