New Tunes | Yasiin Bey Delivers ‘Dec. 99th’

dec-99-yasiinDespite news of his retirement, Yasiin Bey plans on releasing a slew of music before he goes. He started today with the release of his album, Dec. 99th, which is streaming today via TIDAL. The 10-track album was originally scheduled to drop earlier this month but got pushed back. Some of the tracks on this album include previously released tunes like “Seaside Panic Room” and “NAW”.

Bey tapped the talents of producer Ferrari Sheppard to make this project pop. This is the first of three planned album releases, with two more waiting in the wings. After reflecting on the longevity of his career, he is gracefully bowing out. He will be playing a farewell concert that begins tonight at New York City’s famed Apollo Theater.

All of this new music and talk of retirement come after Yasiin’s return from South Africa. The rapper was detained there for most of 2016. He was held on some travel issues that involved use of a World Passport, which is not a government document. After apologizing to the government, he was released last month. Click here and subscribe to listen to the stream.

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