WATCH | Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks Hip-Hop, Politics, and History With Rap Radar

Lin-Manuel Miranda has been poppin’ since the early 2ooo’s. His show, In The Heights, was an accurate story of life in Washington Heights, New York City. He brought that story to life on Broadway with amazing dialogue, singing, and rapping throughout the entire performance. He hit the mark once again with Hamilton. This historical rundown of Alexander Hamilton has shattered all expectation. It is by far, one of the best shows to run on Broadway.

When it comes to hip-hop, Miranda has had his ear to the streets. He knows everything you could possibly imagine when it comes to hip-hop and he uses that information wisely.  Not only does he know good music but he uses the influence and incorporates it into his works. Rap Radar recently sat down with Miranda to talk about a variety of topics. The above clip shows Miranda talking about the first time Busta Rhymes saw “Hamilton”. Press play to hear how it went down. The full interview can be heard via the Rap Radar podcast.

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