Music for the Mind | James Fauntleroy “Warmest Winter II”

There have been a slew of new music drops this year. Whether it was hip hop, R&B, or soul, there was a great blend of music releases. As the year winds down, new music continues to surface. James Fauntleroy is someone who can creatively get into your soul through his music. He has the ability to deliver amazing sound with his skills. His latest drop, Warmest Winter II, is a great EP project to vibe to in order unwind from the antics of 2016.

The vocals and lyrics are on point. The mixture of acapella vocals, intricate lyrics, and slamming harmonies come together to create an EP that is great for the ears. Even though it’s only a five track EP, it has the ability to grab you in. The end of the year is the perfect time to wind down and reflect on life. With this year being such a hectic 365, this is the perfect soundtrack to reset to. Check out the link above and be sure to incorporate Warmest Winter II into your daily music rotation.

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