In A City Near You! The 5 Dopest Things Coming In 2017

With the New Year coming, starting fresh and planning new adventures should be on the agenda. With 2016 out the door, everyone is looking forward to what 2017 has in store. The New Year is bringing some new things and dope happenings are popping up all over the U.S. Check out some of our favorite picks below and click here to see the full list.

Los Angeles, California –


The West Coast is sometimes deemed the best coast. People make California a regular vacation destination for domestic travel. In 2017, the Downtown Arts District in is getting an overhaul. This overhaul will bring new businesses, apartment complexes, and a weekly Smorgasbord LA (like the one in NYC). New retailers and even an artists-colony will become part of the area. Photo Credit

Orlando, Florida – 


Hawaii won’t be the only place to find volcanoes. In 2017, Orlando’s Universal Studios will be opening a new water park called Volcano Bay. There will be aqua-coasters and a giant 200-foot Krakatau volcano. The park will be wired with the newest tech TapuTapu devices that allow visitors to virtually wait in line for the top attractions throughout the day… hence eliminating the lines. Photo Credit

Houston, Texas – 


Everything is bigger in Texas… which is why Super Bowl 51 will most likely be a very big deal. The NFL climax event is going down and the city is doing everything they can to prepare for it. Emancipation Park is one of the newest places to see and it is expanding as we type. There will be a new $25 million Community Arts Complex, a new bike park, and Middlelands Music Festival is slated for a three-day stint.

Las Vegas, Nevada-

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Even though parties and gambling are a big thing in Sin City, sports is getting ready to jump in the mix. One of the nation’s largest cities finally gets a sports team, compliments of the NHL. They’ve been gifted the Las Vegas Golden Knights and they will start play action at the T-Mobile Arena next Fall. While you’re there, fell free to check out some of the residencies (J.Lo, Brit-Brit, and the newly added Backstreet Boys) and a variety of off-the-strip attractions. Photo Credit: Al Powers

Miami, Florida – 


Everybody knows that Miami is the go-to spot for a domestic “sun & surf” vacation. This popular hot zone is stepping things up a bit. Aside from some new restaurants and artsy spots, the Brightline train system will connect Miami with Orlando in on or close to 3 hours tops. The train will also make stops in Ft, Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Cocoa Beach. This train will be a life saver because Miami traffic is a dub.

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