Bacon Makes Everything Better | BarBacon, NYC

It’s no secret that bacon should be in a food group by itself. Bacon is one of those guilty pleasure foods that is unhealthy but oh-so-good! Bacon makes everything taste better. That’s a fact. Well not everything but most foods upgrade with the addition of bacon.

Since today is National Bacon Day, we decided to find some place that loves bacon as much as we do. We stumbled upon BARBACON, in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. The BARBACON menu made us drool on sight. The Tasting is an appetizer that consists of four select artisanal bacons… Imagine that? There is also the option of BARBACON Sliders, a Lamb Bacon Reuben, Bacon Guac & Chips, and even Lobster Loves Bacon Mac & Cheese. The food isn’t the only things that is Baconized. You can take a Bacon Flight or settle for a yummy cocktail. There is a Bacon Bloody and a Midnight & Molasses with Bacon Bourbon that sounds like it is to die for. Don’ take our word for it… Check out the menu here and head on over to BARBACON to get your bacon fix.

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