Black Girl Magic Comes Alive In Korean Mural Art


Mural Art and graffiti are very important components of artistic expression. The visual usually tells a story or is trying to convey some kind of message that is important to the people. A Korean graffiti artist took to the streets to show off his skills and celebrate that Black Girl Magic. Royal Dog, a graffiti artist from Seoul, came up with some awesome murals to show love to Black women. He recently came to the U.S. and left his mark in the form of a series of murals.


Some of Royal Dog’s murals are a series of images of Black women, adorned with braids, full lips, and Korean gear. The images are a representation of two cultures, coming together to celebrate women. Appreciating the confidence and beauty of the Black woman is important to understanding everything she is. Check out some of the mural images below and head to his Instagram account to see more of his work. He will be here in the States until February 2017.



Photo Credit: Royal Dog

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