Daddy Daughter Love | Chance The Rapper Puts Parenthood Into Perspective For 2017

Chance The Rapper had a pretty amazing year last year. He looks like he’s ready to get it in for 2017 in all areas, including parenthood. In the last 24 hours, his Instagram melted our hearts as he showed us what makes his heart skip a beat.

Look up Kensli, say cheese!

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Instead of posting pictures of a New Year’s Eve turn-up, he was posting video and pics of his daughter, Kensli. Maybe he was just reflecting. When all was said and posted, he ended up giving the world a look at his little girl and the love they share. His final post is a video of the two of them. She’s babbling, happy, and giving him daddy kisses. His caption is everything. He basically acknowledges that being a father isn’t easy and it’s a privilege at best. He also made mention that “Mother better know it ain’t one thing in this world we can (*do) without you.” Three words… He gets it. His balance is pretty much on point. His daughter is adorable and seemingly talented. According to his IG, she can already play the harmonica.

😭😭 now I can’t stop 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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We look forward to hearing more music from Chance but the the baby posts make us swoon! Follow him on Instagram for more great visuals.



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