Need A Ride? The Second Avenue Subway Is Up & Running

The end of 2016 turned out to be the historic start of something else. After a major push, the Second Avenue Subway celebrated its Inaugural New Year’s Eve Ride Event in New York City. The 72nd Street station opened its doors to special invited guests to see the new line and take the first ride out. Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Governor Andre Cuomo, and even ex-mayor David Dinkins were on hand to take that historic ride on the new line.


For those of us that live in New York City, this train line is everything. Traveling to the Upper East Side just got easier as the IRT was the closest train to Second Avenue. In reality, it isn’t all that close. Now New Yorkers can travel from Brighton Beach to 96th Street on the Upper East Side in one ride. This project was literally years in the making as the idea first came about in 1919. Since then, there has been a steady push to get this subway line in motion.


This new subway line wasn’t cheap but the benefits are priceless. Phase One of the new line opened up over 15,000 new jobs and even more come about now that it is running. With Phase Two on deck, there will be a lot of improvements to the system. The businesses in the area will no doubt see an influx of traffic and people who rely on the subway to go to work/school will have an easier and more reliable commute.


The design of the stations are amazing and they are a breath of fresh air as most of the other stations are aged beyond repair. Each of the new stops has elevator and escalator access. The artwork at each stop was custom created by four artists that were chosen specifically for the job. Chuck Close, Vic Muniz, Jean Shin, and Sarah Sze put their custom creative touch on each of the stops. Check out some of the event pics and hit the Second Avenue Subway for a ride.






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