WATCH | Hot 97 Drops Timeless: The Making of Fugees ‘The Score’

Back in the day, waiting for albums, cassettes, and CDs to drop was something people used to look forward to. The 90’s, for most, was an amazing time for music. Once the Internet started to take over, the excitement of going to buy records, tapes, and CDs doesn’t happen as much. We now have the convenience of streams, leaks, and advanced purchases which killed that. The first time you hear a dope album, you remember where you bought it, what you were doing, who you were with, and even what you were wearing when you heard it. For me, Fugees The Score was one of those albums.

The Score made a LOT of noise when it dropped. In some ways, that album set the tone for a lot of projects dropping thereafter. HOT 97 decided to go behind the scenes and take a look at how the trio cooked up that classic. Contrary to what most people might think, Fugees (Pras, Lauryn, and Wyclef) didn’t make this album in some elaborate studio. They were in the belly of a basement and they made one of the dopest albums to ever drop. The creative process and the way they went about this project is crazy. They made this album sound easy and it is very interesting to see the backstory into how they got it done. Press play on the clip above to watch the doc and check out HOT 97 for more info.

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