Reality Bites: Do Not Disturb… The NFL Playoffs Are On

The NFL post season kicks off this weekend and the standings have people on edge. There are a few teams that snuck in, a few teams that dominate, and a couple of teams that are almost guaranteed to go all the way. The BYE week teams are chillin’ but everyone else is going in. The Playoffs are going to be intense. Some people get in the zone during games and it causes problems.

There are a lot of people who are into sports and just as many people who aren’t. If these opposites are in a relationship, there’s potential for a problem. People actually develop relationship issues over sports and the attention given (or lack there of) when it’s on. People get extremely focused when their team is handling business whether it’s on a Monday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday. Significant others might feel slighted by their partner’s sports obsession and try to get their attention during a game. NEWSFLASH… It’s not going to happen.

Instead of beating a dead horse, it may be a good idea to find other things to do while the Playoffs are happening. This may be a good time to catch up on your reading or spend some time with other friends… who are not into sports. This is the perfect time to catch a day at the spa or get a mani/pedi. Binge watching Netflix and Hulu shows is the perfect activity if your Boo is tied up with his/her football team. Yoga, the gym, and meditation are also good activities to engage in as well.

If all else fails, getting with your mate and watching the games with him/her is a viable option. If you know nothing about football but want to learn, there are quite a few programs that can teach you real quick. It would be a great bonding experience and the perfect way to level up with one of his/her favorite pastimes. Thank us later.

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