Class Is In Session | ‘Outkast’ Class Coming To Armstrong University

Hip Hop is extremely important to the culture. There have been a steady stream of Hip-Hop inspired courses being offered at a variety of colleges and universities, including Harvard. Dr. Regina Bradley, is bringing a dope course to Armstrong University in Savannah, Georgia. A course is being offered to study the legendary rap group Outkast. The course is an upper level English class that will delve into the life and influence of the group, their music, and their deep ties to Savannah and other parts of ATL.

The course will no doubt open up the minds of the students and bring some of their album accomplishments, lyrics, and writing style reflects their Southern background. Students will analyze albums and lyrics and make some connection to other writers who also come from the south. As a final project, students will have to ink a 15 page paper discussing the theme of the music of an album of their choice.

Professor Bradley was a Nasir Jones Hip Hop Fellow at the Harvard Hip Hop Archive & Research Institute and she plans on wiring a book about Outkast, who are Hip Hop pioneers in their own rite.

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