Your Desk Tho… 5 Things Your Workspace Says About You

It’s funny… even though our work place is not our home, we make it comfortable enough for it to be a home away from home. People take their office/workspace very seriously. Whether it’s decorated with pictures and art or stocked with snacks and drinks, your space is personalized by you. Someone’s office or desk space can say a lot about them. Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day and some of y’all need the cleaning team to come in and handle business.

Believe it or not, there are all kinds of desks and office spaces. Some people are very neat, others are not. People collect art, toys, plants, and other things to stack up and display in their space. Your  desk space says a lot about you and we have a list of some of the most common workspaces. Look at the list and see which one best matches you. If your desk looks something like a disaster area, you might want to take advantage of the day and clean it up.

The Overdecorated Desk… makes it hard to take someone’s work ethic or commitment to the job seriously. Your desk should reflect success and unless your work is impeccable, finding time to decorate your desk may raise some questions.


Overuse of Post-It Notes… screams that you may not be tech savvy. With smartphones, computers, and tablets being in heavy rotation, using a post-it should be done in an emergency situation. Scheduling a whole week with post-it notes, writing down office notes, phone messages, and other miscellaneous info and posting it around your desk is a sure sign that technology is not your thing.


Desks With Too Many Toys… While office toys are welcomed in many open office environments, it’s different when it comes to your desk. Too many toys any your desk could indicate a lack of focus.


Empty Desks… are a reflection of you. If you don’t take the time to personalize your space, the company may think you have no plans on staying. While too much on your desk is a red flag, so is not enough.


A well decorated desk/cubicle/office… indicates that while you are about your business, you know how to express yourself without being too much. The right amount of personality comes through with a perfectly decorated desk.


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