Southern Bangers: MTV Jams Dirty South Classics (Playlist)

When it comes down to it, the South is home to a host of dope music makers. For years, artists like Master P, Young Jeezy, and Outkast have dropped some solid tracks that can be classified as classics. MTV Jams took 50 of some of the dopest old school southern vibes and put them in a playlist on Spotify. The Dirty South Classics Playlist is everything you need to hear to get through the Wednesday, mid-week blues.

Party bangers like “Back That Azz Up”, “Duffle Bag Boy”, “Some Cut”, and “Ms. Jackson” are all included. All you have to do is press play and you will be vibin’ from beginning to end. The South is notorious for keeping it gangsta on their tracks and they often tell a true story. Unlike a lot of the music of today, a lot of these tracks resonate with people and are not only used for entertainment purposes only. People depend on these tracks to get them through both the good and bad times.

This playlist is the perfect motivator to get through the rest of this week. Press play on the stream below. Turn your volume up, and vibe out to some Dirty South Classics.


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