Reality Bites: Art Often Imitates Life and ABC’s Black-ish Hit The Mark

Ever hear a song or see something on TV and it is directly relatable? Last night, the ABC sitcom Black-ish took their ‘Lemons’ episode to new heights with their post-election reflection. The episode was written, shot, edited, and set to air in record time. With the inauguration happening next week, this episode is right on target. This isn’t the first time the popular sitcom took on a “touchy” topic. Past episode themes include police brutality, interracial dating, and even the “N” word.

Kenya Burris started inking this episode the day after the election. According to his interview with Vulture magazine, he was anxious to get this episode done and worked through the holidays to make it happen. His writing skills are on point and he managed to capture all of the post-election emotion and then some. Anthony Anderson delivered an amazing speech that echoes the sentiment of millions of people with precision. He captured the emotion and defeat so many people felt as the election results unfolded.

Black-ish is one of the few shows on television that jump in and attack what’s happening. After the election, celebrities and artists have been using their very public platforms to voice their opinions about what’s happening. Meryl Streep used her time during the Golden Globes to say what she had to say. She let her feelings be known in front of her peers and to millions of viewers worldwide. Dave Chapelle used his SNL hosting assignment and definitely let people know how he felt, no sugar coating. Check out the full interview here and press play on the clip above to see Anthony Anderson deliver the message. The full episode can be seen on

Shout out to Tracee Ellis Ross for her Golden Globe win!

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