Pizza With A Classic Twist | Patsy’s Pizza, East Harlem

There is something about a slice of New York pizza that can’t be explained. New York City is notorious for some of the most amazing pizza. Patsy’s Pizza is a longstanding establishment that is known for its pizza. Their old-school Neapolitan pizza is cooked in a grandfathered coal over that provides a taste like no other. The restaurant was founded back in 1933 and has been dishing up delicious dishes ever since.

The menu is full of everything from Antipasti to every kind of pizza you can imagine. The classic Margherita is a favorite but they also offer Bianca, Marinara, Salsiccia, Macellaio, and more. You can add anything from olives to anchovies to fresh basil so that you can have your pizza however you like.  Patsy’s Pizza is situated on 1st Ave and 118th. While this may seem like a trek from downtown, it is definitely worth the trip. If you’re looking to have good food with great company, Patsy’s Pizza is the way to go.

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