JetBlue Makes It Easy To Surf & Fly With Free WiFi

Traveling has certainly evolved over the years. Airlines have made significant changes to make sure that passengers travel with ease. Using smartphones and other electronics is a limited luxury on some flights. JetBlue Airlines is making it easy for passengers to surf while they fly. The airline recently announced that it will be offering passengers free in-flight wireless access.

Paying for wi-fi access can certainly put a dent in the pockets. Aside from luggage fees, in-flight meal and snack costs, and other flight fees, in-flight wi-fi is expensive. If you’re not a gold member or flying first-class, purchasing wi-fi is an extra added expense. JetBlue makes it easy to jump online as soon as passengers board until the time they land. Amazon and JetBlue also partnered up so that passengers can stream video from Amazon Prime, which is perfect to see movies and shows during long flights. JetBlue is taking the initiative to make sure that passengers have the same comforts of home, even if they are soaring above the clouds. Click here to get your free wi-fi on during your next JetBlue flight.

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