Sound Check | Acrylic Portraits Painted on Vinyl Records

Artists have the ability to express their creativity just about anywhere. They can take the simplest of things and turn them into something complex and beautiful. Artist Daniel Edlen decided to use an unconventional object as his canvas. Instead of painting portraits of his favorite singers on traditional canvas, he used something different. He took acrylic paint and created portraits on their vinyl records.


Vinyl records are a treasure as it is. Each portrait is an intricate reflection of the artist as most people remember them. Edlen took the value of the record up a notch by painting a dope portrait on each. He chose some of the industry’s most iconic artists like Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, Tupac Shakur, and David Bowie. He paid homage to artists across the board, from a variety of genres.


Music and art go hand in hand and this is the perfect way to bring the two together. Check out some of his pieces below and visit his shop to purchase. He sells both framed and unframed pieces.




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