Making A Pizza Run? Prince St. Pizza Is The Spot | City Eats

Prince St. Pizza – 27 Prince St. A New York, NY 

Pizza is the talk of the town in New York City. People visit from all over the world to have a New York pizza experience. While everyone has a preference, there is a list of must-visit pizzerias floating around. One of the pizzerias on that list is definitely Prince St. Pizza. Even though the space is small, the pizza they put out is all kinds of good.

Whether it’s lunchtime or a late-night run after the club, Prince St. Pizza hits the spot every time. The Pepperoni Sicilian is a very popular option as they make sure that every square is bombarded with pepperoni. If the line is long when you get there, take some time to check out the celeb wall of photos while you wait. From the beloved Tony Soprano to Lionel Richie, all kinds of celebs hit up this spot for a slice. If pepperoni is not your thing…the cheese slice, Grandma or Cheese Sicilian don’t disappoint either. Delivery is also an option via Seamless or GrubHub.

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