DJ Dallas Green Brought Eats & Beats Brunch to NYC | Recap

It’s no secret that brunch is a big deal in New York City. Finding the perfect Brunch spot means that the music is right, the drinks are flowing, and the food is amazing. We found a situation like that this weekend at Le Souk, thanks to Chef and DJ Dallas Green. He brought his Eats and Beats Brunch series to New York City and hosted a heck-of-a-party.


Le Souk has the perfect vibe for spending time with good company. Chef Dallas presented two of his signature dishes on the brunch menu, Chicken & Waffles and Shrimp & Grits. The waffles were light and fluffy but filling. The chicken was fried with a batter that didn’t overpower the meat. It was the perfect compliment to the waffles. The Shrimp and Grits were perfectly seasoned right down to the last bite. The shrimps were tender and the grits were creamy and smooth. When all was said and done, compliments were definitely being handed out to the chef.


After he prepped the meals he came up to greet us and chat with some of the guests. He made mention that he will be the first DJ to appear on the Food Network show CHOPPED, which airs tomorrow at 10 PM ET. He will also be hitting up some of the hottest events at Super Bowl and NBA All-Star Weekend. Best thing he said was that he was looking to bring Eats and Beats Brunch back to New York City and to a few other cities as well. Follow him here to find out his whereabouts and definitely get in on all the food, music, and fun.


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