Reality Bites: George Orwell Knew ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ Was Coming

We are a month in to the new year and it feels like it’s been 2017 forever. It was literally all good just a week ago and then BAM! Our new President took the oath and got busy. He changed people’s lives with the stroke of a pen and it is almost horrifying to think we have 3 years and eleven more months of this to go.

While this seems like something out of a movie, it definitely mirrors the vibe of a book. George Orwell’s literary classic, 1984, told this story before anyone knew it could happen. Most people remember reading this book as part of the required list of stuff to read in Middle and High School. The crazy part is that the teachers were mortified when talking about these times as described in the book. It’s 2017 and we are absolutely living these times right now.

Everyone seems to be on the same page when it comes to comparing the current situation to the Orwell novel. There has been a spike in book sales all around and some places have even sold out of it. The Brooklyn Library is all over this and they’ve decided to enlighten the masses. They are making sure that everyone is on point with this novel and hosting the 1984/48: A Book Discussion series, once a month, for the next 48 months.

The 1984/48: A Book Discussion is a monthly book event that will meet for three consecutive weeks in the month. Not only are Each meeting will be focused around the book and its contents as per the assigned readings. Each participant will get a free copy of the book to use for the session. The sessions also include workshops on how to strategize and make protest signs, discussions led by community leaders, librarians, and writers, and of course the commentary of the group in attendance.

Registration for this group is full until September but remember, it goes until the end of Dude’s term. You’ve got a couple of years to get in on the action.

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