JoeFreshgoods Drops The ThankUObama Collection

These past couple of weeks have been rough. Our old President is vacationing with billionaires while the new President is…well you know. People are doing everything they can to hold on to the memories and even wish him back into office. JoeFreshgoods recently dropped a dope selection of Obama gear. The ThankUObama collection of tees and tops is the perfect way to pay homage to your favorite President.

The face for this collection is none other than Chance the Rapper, one of the President’s favorite Rappers. This Obama-inspired collection includes long sleeves, jerseys, crewnecks, and tees. This collection includes a Barack <3 Michelle tee, a MALIA Tee with a “We all smoke, it’s ok” (in fine print) strategically placed on the bottom, and a basketball jersey adorned with a 44. The stuff from this collection will definitely put a little Obama Swag in your closet. Check here to see the entire collection and follow Chance the Rapper on Instagram to see what else he’s got going on.

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