‘New Territories’ Brings Unicorn Parade Milkshakes To The Yard

When someone says they’ve seen a unicorn, it is probably true. There is a new place in the Lower East Side that is bringing unicorns to the area. New Territories is a restaurant that is set to open up at 190 Orchard Street in the Lower and they have unicorns on their radar. Aside from waffles, and ice cream, and espresso…they serve up delicious Unicorn Parade Milkshakes for the win.

New Territories is a “dine-in” establishment that offers up grub from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. There are other things on the menu but the milkshakes are totally on point. They are served up in a mason jar with a bevy of trimmings, sprinkles, and sauces. They’ve recently just opened and the shop has been sold out a few times. That is a sure sign that they are worth the trip. Sample the goods here and be sure to catch a Unicorn Parade and other delicious treats at New Territories some time soon.

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