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A photographer has an eye that sees things that others don’t. Their main focus is getting the viewer to see life through their lens. They have an ability to tell a story and their images evoke feelings and emotions at first glance of their photos. Photographer Breyona Holt is nice with the camera and she has a talent and skill that make her photos pop. She is known as Exquisite Eye and that is definitely an accurate description of her vision.

Holt is committed to making sure her images show women in a positive light. In a world where women usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to imagery, she brings a different vibe. The unfortunate loss of her mother taught her to always be ready to capture the moment. She is always looking to grab the memory and is ready to shoot at any time.

The photos in the gallery above are a testament to Holt’s talent and skill. Her images show women, especially women of color, in such a way that their beauty is accentuated. The curve of their lips, the shade of their skin, and the curl of their hair are all highlighted naturally. Check out the gallery above and keep up with Breyona’s Exquisite Eye on Instagram.

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