“All The Feels” | ROC4Life February Playlist on TIDAL

February is synonymous with a lot of things. Black History Month, Groundhogs, Presidents and cupid are just some of what’s associated with this month. Even though February is the shortest month of the year, there is a lot going on!

Some of us don’t want to focus on it but…Valentine’s Day is happening. A lot of people don’t even acknowledge it because they treat their Boo good all the time. Others could care less because they don’t have a Boo. Whether you’re single or Boo’d up, love songs are always nice to listen to. We’ve decided to hit TIDAL and put together a list of songs that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. No…it is not a bunch of sappy love songs. These tracks are upbeat and will make you want to dance. This “All The Feels” playlist is a mixture of songs that scream Love & Happiness (even if you’re in love with yourself). From Chaka Khan to Prince to Usher to Kehlani, some of the dopest artists are featured on this list. These songs will give you life and make you appreciate love. Click the stream below to listen and be sure to subscribe to TIDAL here to keep up with our collections.

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