For The Culture | Pasteles NYC Dishes Pasteles 365

The holidays are a time for delicious food, family traditions, and making memories. A long-standing Latin American and Caribbean tradition is serving Pasteles during the holidays. Pasteles are handmade, usually from a recipe that is passed down in the family from generation to generation. The making of a pastel is very detailed and requires a lot of work. Pasteles are made and shared amongst friends and family. If you’re lucky, you’ll get some. If not, we may have a solution for that. We stumbled across Pasteles NYC and the owner delivers that traditional flavor to your table all year round!

That’s right folks…Pasteles NYC has pasteles on deck all year round. Melanie is the brains behind the operation and she was blessed with her grandfather’s recipe. Before her grandfather died, he shared the recipe with her. Even though she keeps the tradition alive, she chefs the pasteles up “her way”. She offers all kinds of pasteles including a choices of platano or yucca with Bacalao, pork, vegetarian, and chicken options. The Instagram feed will make you drool and we are excited to incorporate Pasteles NYC into our weekly menu. Check their Instagram here @pastelesnyc and order up some pasteles today! Thank us later.

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