‘the Boil’ Gives Seafood The Love It Deserves | NYC

Seafood is not easy to cook. While it doesn’t take long to prepare, the prep has to be done right or the whole meal is shot. We recently stumbled across the Boil in New York City and it is safe to say we fell in love. While City Island is the OG seafood spot in NY, the Boil is close to home and delivers a top-notch seafood situation. the Boil sits at two locations in Greenwich Village and the LES.

We hit up the LES location on Chrystie Street last night and got our grub on. Even though it was V-Day and there were couples everywhere, we managed to get it in. There are plenty of pre-Main appetizers to choose from. The Raw Bar has all the essentials and the shrimp cocktail was to die for. The Main dishes come in a steamer bag and your server outfits you with rubber gloves and a bib to keep things clean.

The combos can be mixed and matched with King Crab legs, crabs, lobster, crawfish, and shrimp. Potatoes, corn, and a variety of different sides and extras can be added to make this a full-blown meal. When all was said and done, we put a dent in that food. From the oysters and shrimp cocktail on the raw bar menu to the King Crab legs doused in Old Bay and Garlic Butter, the food did not disappoint.

Because of their increasing popularity, walking in for dinner might not be a good idea. The Lower East Side spot doesn’t require reservations but the Greenwich Village spot does. Making a reservation here is your best bet. Oh and leave your cards at home. This is a cash only establishment.

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