Reality Bites: Shoot Your Shot…#WeMetOnTwitter

Apparently, it really goes down in the DMs. Sliding into Twitter DMs has been a popular dating practice for quite some time. Social Media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are notorious for this kind of behavior. What used to be considered “Thirst” is now one of the most popular ways to meet someone. The hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter is a a firm testament to that. If you read through the hashtag, you will see that sliding into someone’s DMs isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Early on, people were dubbing folks left and right if they slid into their DMs. After reading some of the Twittership success stories, if you dubbed, you may have missed your soulmate. A large amount of the stories resulted in happily ever-after situations with marriage, kids, and all of that. It’s a beautiful thing to see so many people in love thanks to Twitter. Who knew that a DM on Twitter could end up being a forever-ever situation. It’s not even only about the DMs though. Some people hooked up after a mere @ mention or a funny meme.

Of course, there are a few stories that didn’t have the happily ever-after ending. They tried it and it didn’t work for them. At the end of the day, it is never a bad thing to shoot your shot. Just as Eric Andre! He is now the other half of Rosario Dawson. Who would’ve thought? Even Chance the Rapper was heartbroken over that one.

Going after what you want should never be something you hold back on. You want it/him/her, go get it! The worst that could happen is that it doesn’t work out and you have to try again somewhere else. If you don’t believe us, head over to Twitter and check out the stories in the #WeMetOnTwitter hashtag.

**Sidebar: If you’re already married or in a relationship, this probably won’t work for you. Sliding up in someone’s DMs is not advised if you’re already involved. That could be a disaster for all parties involved.

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